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My Why

As things that once filled my everyday life for the past four years have come to a close (a.k.a. undergrad and sorority), life has slowed down significantly this summer. I’ve been thinking a lot about what will fill some of my free time during grad school (HA! If free time in grad school is even a real thing). I’ve followed a few blogs for the past few years and have always imagined how I could make something like that my own. As I began to consider the idea of starting a blog more seriously throughout the past few months, I had been continuously contemplating and daydreaming about what my own blog would look like, not knowing yet exactly what my focus would be or where it would lead me. While I knew I wanted to create a place where I could share a few of my favorite things and journal about my travel adventures, I also knew that I somehow wanted to include my passion for my future profession, but was never sure of how I would do that. Well, during an incredible and completely life-changing experience that I had the opportunity to be a part of about two months ago, it quickly became clear as to how I could utilize my idea for a blog to begin targeting my future professional goals, while also being able to share my passion for speech-language pathology.

Well, let me back up for just a second to explain a little more…

Leadershape 2.jpg

Leadershape 1

This past May, during the entire week following my graduation from Central Michigan University, I attended Leadershape; a leadership conference that challenges you to develop a personal vision of how you would make the world a more thriving place if time and money were not an obstacle. My vision is to create a world in which every student with a disability is part of an inclusive school environment, surrounded by advocates. The passion that I have for children with disabilities, and more specifically for this vision, has stemmed from my own personal experience of having a younger brother who has faced the challenges of speech, language, and learning disabilities throughout his school career. While I already had many ideas and plans of how I’d be able to make this vision a reality later as a professional, I was struggling at first to see how I could begin targeting this vision today. It was while I was at Leadershape that I began to imagine how I could use a blog as a tool to help this vision later become a reality. I realized that if I ran with this idea now, it would be that much more useful and I would feel more prepared when I become a certified SLP in two years. When I left Leadershape and noticed myself unable to stop thinking about the idea for this blog, I knew that this was something that I needed to get started on asap. I figured there would never come a better time to stop imagining and start doing than before starting the next chapter of my life this fall: Grad School!

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Eventually, I would love for this blog to become a place to document, compile, and share my own speech-language pathology experiences, strategies, tools, skills, and resources. My hope is to develop a resource for my fellow Speech-Language Pathologists, future co-workers, teachers, and of course family and friends of children with disabilities.  My goal is for this blog to provide anybody access to the resources, tools, or information that can help them to become a more informed advocate for students with speech, language, and learning disabilities. Although this blog wont help me in creating more inclusive school settings, I know it could truly help me later on as I work to surround my future students with more advocates that are aware of each student’s strengths and needs within the classroom.

As for now, I’m so excited to finally start blogging about my graduate school and clinical experiences coming up this fall, share some of my favorite things, journal my travel adventures, and begin compiling my SLP-related resources along the way that I feel are the most useful. I can’t wait to begin documenting and reflecting on all of the challenges and insanely rewarding outcomes that are to come, and, of course, to finally start creating what I’ve been contemplating and wondering about for so long… a blog!!

3 thoughts on “My Why”

  1. I can’t wait to see where this goes! What an excellent platform for sharing experiences and expertise!


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