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Friday Favorites 3.2.18

Happy Friday everybody (and happy spring break to me)!

Spring Break is finally here, which means it’s finally time for a MUCH needed 10 days off school, including a weekend getaway to one of my favorite cities with one of my best friends. As you’re reading this, I am currently en route to the windy city!

I’m linking up with my favorite bloggers, Shay and Erica, once again for their weekly Friday Favorites to share a few of my favorite things at the moment!


Yoga Classes


This has been at the top of my favorites list lately. I love taking an hour to myself whenever I can to just destress and reenergize throughout the week.


Random Acts of Kindness


Last Monday, the person in front of me in the Starbucks drive-thru paid for my drink order. Then, just a few days ago, as my mom was about to pay at the car wash, she was told by the employ that the person in front of her in line had just paid for the next eight cars. I think the Kissick girls were on a lucky streak last week! 😉

These little random acts of kindness immediately make my day and it’s always something I think about for the rest of the day, and even days to come. After being told by the barista that my drink had been covered, I quickly decided to do the same for the person behind me. I couldn’t help but want to make their day, just as the person in front of me had just made mine. Needless to say, my Monday started out in the best way. #SpreadTheKindness


House Hunting


Connor has recently started the very exciting process of house hunting! *proud girlfriend alert* While he was last visiting me in Toledo, we decided to take a day trip back up to Michigan to tour houses for an afternoon with my mom (who conveniently just reinstated her real estate license). I love getting to share such an exciting time with him!

(Plus, the sunglasses I’m wearing above are also a new favorite of mine)


Isagenix Protein Shakes


Just about my entire family uses (and is in love with) the Isagenix nutrition program, myself included. I love making these protein shakes (this one was cookies and cream, yum!) for breakfast and lunch throughout the week. They’re simple, they’re crazy healthy, and they’re so yummy!


Toledo Walleye’s Hockey Game

IMG_9547 2IMG_9545 2

Last Friday, a few friends in my cohort and I went to our first Toledo Walleye Game downtown. For a couple, it was their first ever hockey game (being from the south has really deprived them)! Getting to watch friends witness their first live hockey fight was, of course, one of my favorites this week!


This is us

Once again, this show has made it’s way back onto my Friday Favorites post. But really, who can blame me? It’s perfection.



My Bubble Umbrella


It’s been a gloomy, windy, and rainy week here in Toledo, but this umbrella has been the cutest and most practical addition for Spring weather. It keeps my entire upper body dry and never flips inside out in the wind (for some reason this was always something that happened to me with other umbrellas). I never had a bubble umbrella before this year and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine.


Two Words: Luggage Organizers!


For Christmas my parents got me a set of these perfect little luggage organizers. I love that they keep my jewelry, toiletries, and other travel necessities separated and organized in my suitcase. They’re basically a dream for anybody that is organized-obsessed like myself.


Luggage for a weekend getaway: Check!



A couple weeks ago, Kayla and I realized that we have the same spring break for the first time in forever, so obviously this called for a weekend trip to Chicago! We haven’t been back to Chicago together since we were 10 years old (the good old days filled with trips to American Girl Place). I’m looking so forward to a weekend of site-seeing, Chicago style pizza, and catching up with my bestie!

And that wraps up this week’s Friday Favorites!



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 3.2.18”

  1. Two things! 1. I need that umbrella and I will be ordering one today! 2. the luggage organizers are life changing – I got some before my last trip and I don’t know how I have lived without them!!!!


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