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Friday Favorites 4.13.18

Happy Friday the 13th!

As you’re reading this, I’m currently shadowing my future SLP supervisor at my upcoming Fall internship placement and I. Am. So. Excited! A blog post all about my upcoming internships is soon to come 🙂

I’m linking up once again with two of my favorites, Shay and Erica, on this beautiful Friday to share my newest favorite things at the moment in hopes of inspiring you to try something new too!


If you’re a fan of the former bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, (and even if you’re not yet) you should definitely listen to her weekly podcast, Off the Vine. It’s it’s absolutely hysterical, it’s perfect to listen to on a long car ride, and it’s become one of my favorites every week. #HighlyRecommended



This semester for my audiology practicum, I’ve been working in UT’s Speech-Langauge-Hearing Clinic to perform hearing evaluations for incoming clinic patients. After telling my bestie Sarah about it, she offered to drive down to Toledo this past Tuesday night to have her hearing evaluated during my session! I was so excited to see her and catch up, even if it was only for a couple hours.



A new tavern just opened in downtown Toledo that I had been wanting to try, called Holy Toledo! So while Sarah was in town for her hearing eval, we went there to catch up over dinner and a couple Oberons and it did not disappoint. I can’t wait to experience some summer nights up on their rooftop bar!



Last week I splurged a little at Target (typical) and bought myself some new statement earrings! These three pairs are definitely a few of my favorites this week and make the most perfect edition to any spring (now that we’re finally starting to have some spring weather) and summer outfit.



Sarah just became a SeneGence distributer and she let me sample her tinted moisturizer a few weeks ago and I fell in love. I was so excited when I found my very own bottle in my Easter basket this year that my parents had bought me. I love that it looks like a foundation, but doesn’t feel heavy like a foundation typically does. If you’re interested in trying out some SeneGence products for yourself, check out Sarah’s Facebook page, Our Lips Are Sealed. This little product is absolutely one of my new favorites!



Recently Connor and I have been trying to branch out and find a red wine that we both really enjoy. I’ve never been a big red wine fan, but hey why not? So while we were picking up a bottle before a wine night with friends a couple weeks ago, one of Connor’s friends recommended Decoy and it immediately became a new favorite for us. I even picked up another bottle for us to share this past weekend when he came to visit. It might not be the fanciest or highest quality bottle of wine, but we both think it’s delicious and it’s within this college girl’s budget! #WinWin



Last week I stumbled across the new Jordan Davis album and I’ve been in country music heaven ever since. I loved his first single that was out last summer and love the rest of his first album even more! If you’re a country music fan, you should definitely give him a listen.



Hi I’m Lauren and I’m addicted to Ruthie Grace Boutique.

If you know me, you know that I do almost all of my shopping online. I’ve been a huge fan of this boutique ever since last summer; their style is the most perfect mix of trendy, casual, and dressy. I’ve bought a couple pieces recently that I just can’t wait to wear this spring and summer! I also personally love it because most of their clothes and accessories can be worn as both everyday wear and clinic attire. I have a feeling this little boutique will always be a favorite of mine.



When I drove home yesterday for the weekend, my mom surprised me with THIS!

*insert the biggest heart-eyed emoji*

If a movie this amazing (with Zac Efron) doesn’t make my Friday Favorites list, I don’t know what would…



A few weeks ago, in preparation for summer clinical placements, everybody in my cohort individually ranked and submitted our choices of the 9 different placements that UT’s program has to offer. This past Monday we each received our summer placements and I. Was. Ecstatic! I felt so lucky to have received my first choice placement: Communication Bootcamp! This program is for 4-7 year-olds that have trouble with speech, language, and early literacy skills. I’m most excited to get started in this program since my ultimate goal after graduation is to become an SLP within an early intervention or preschool program and Communication Bootcamp will be the most perfect placement for me to continue gaining experience with the age and population I’m most passionate about!

Summer 2018, I’m ready for ya!!

And that wraps up my favorites this week! 🙂




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