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The Bathroom

The bathroom in the Herbert House underwent almost as much of a transformation as the kitchen, making it another one of my favorites!

If you missed the blog that gave the first look inside the Herbert House, make sure to check it out HERE before you read on. And to learn a little bit more about how the Herbert House came to be, check out THIS post too.

Being the only bathroom in the house, we wanted to make sure it was exactly how we wanted it, meaning it was in for some major construction and cosmetic updates. Demolition officially began the day of closing on July 7th, 2018 and the entire makeover of this room took about 4 months from start to finish, but keep in mind that renovations were also happening in every other room of the house at the same time.

Well, let’s get started!


As you can see, the bathroom was extremely dated (check out that baby blue tile and baby pink curtain), dirty, and cramped, much like the rest of the house was.


The mirror above the sink was actually a medicine cabinet in the wall, which was going to require some wall patchwork once we tore it out. The bathroom vanity was also not aligned with the wall on the right, which was creating wasted space.


The cupboard on the right wall (above) was actually a compartment that provided easier access into the hallway linen closet (completely unnecessary in our opinion) so that was also going to require some patchwork once it was removed.


This was one of Connor’s favorite original features of the house: a laundry shoot straight down to the washer and dryer! (above) We made sure that wasn’t going anywhere during demo HA! All it needed was just a little bit of paint.

We all had a lot of work ahead of us!



We quickly said goodbye to the toilet, cabinets, sink, and just about everything else on the very first day of demolition.


Check out all of those layers of wallpaper hidden underneath!



And soon enough, we were looking at a completely empty bathroom!

The most time-consuming project in the bathroom was caused by the galvanized plumbing that was completely corroded and dysfunctional. This required Connor and my dad to entirely replace and rework the bathroom plumbing, along with the plumbing throughout the rest of the house too. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the majority of our time throughout this home renovation was spent on “behind-the-scenes” things, like brand new plumbing and electrical. These are the things that are the least glamorous and fun, but are by far the most important.


Once the plumbing and electrical were replaced and updated, we could start patching the holes in the walls from demo and painting!



Since the original bathtub tile was still in such great shape, we chose to re-grout the tile and have the tub professionally re-glazed instead of completely replacing the bathtub. This decision saved us a ton of money and time and we still got to say goodbye old these old rust stains.



While we were willing to stick with the original bathtub tile, we were far from sold on the original baby blue floor tile. Since we were keeping the original hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house, we wanted something that would be durable, match the hardwoods, and lay seamlessly over the top of the original tile (to keep us from having to demo the entire floor too). We decided to go with Lifeproof flooring (10/10 would recommend) in the same shade as our hardwood floors.


On the same day we picked out the flooring, we also spotted a bathroom vanity that was  exactly what we had been looking for. We bought it right then and there!


Side Note: This vanity was HEAVY (I mean really heavy!!) and I can only imagine how ridiculous Connor and I looked carrying this box up the front porch steps by ourselves when we got home HA!

A few weeks later, while Connor and I were working on other areas of the house, my parents dedicated an entire day to laying our new bathroom flooring and installing the brand new vanity and toilet for us. Everything they did turned out incredible; we couldn’t thank them enough!



To stick with the vibe we were going for throughout the rest of the house, Connor and I chose a modern/rustic light fixture that he and my dad installed together.



As the bathroom started to feel put back together again, we began to finalize the finishing details like baseboard trim, a fresh coat of paint on the door, hardware, and of course decor!

Here are the final before and after shots of the Herbert House bathroom!



img_9884IMG_7869 3







Thanks for taking another peek inside our little fixer upper on Herbert Street!


There is no way this transformation would have been possible without the incredible skills and dedication of our family; we are so grateful and proud!


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And to read more about how the Herbert House came to be, click HERE

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