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The Living Room

The Herbert House living room was one of my favorite parts of the house to renovate since it consisted mostly of cosmetic updates, which meant less demo and more deco!! This is also the room of the house that we got to add in so many of our own personal touches and memories.

If you missed my very first post about The Herbert House, then make sure to check it out HERE before you read on. You can also check out the blogs covering the renovations in the kitchen and the bathroom.

The entire makeover of this room took close to 8 months. And while I’m only blogging about the living room today, demolition and renovations were also happening in every other room of the house simultaneously (hence why it took so long).

Let’s start from the very beginning!



As you can tell, the living room was absolutely filthy (just like the rest of the house), the hardwood floors were in rough shape, and it was beyond dated. Even though no major structural changes were needed in this part of the house, we still had A LOT of work ahead of us!


On the very first day of demo, Connor and I started by tearing off the skinny strip of crown molding that was on every wall of the house. We could have easily left it and painted over it, but we knew it would always be something that bothered us since it took away from a clean-cut finish on the walls. This part of demo looks very deceiving.  Even though this looks like it would be a quick fix, this part of the project was extremely time-consuming. Tearing off the molding made huge divots in the walls and also tore multiple spots of the dry wall, which meant we had a TON of plaster, patchwork, and sanding (and so much dust) ahead of us.


Check out the bright turquoise paint we discovered underneath!




As I’ve said so many times before, this house was DIRTY!

We spent weeks (not days, WEEKS) scrubbing down every square inch, from the ceiling to the baseboards, making sure it was spotless before we moved on with any other renovations.

The biggest shout out goes to every person who helped us clean the house! It was just about the least glamorous task and never an ideal way to spend a hot summer day.




Once all of the cleaning was done, it was finally time to start filling in the gaps and holes from where the crown molding used to be! You can’t even imagine the amount of dust that was created from weeks worth of sanding.

(And we finally said adios to the retro light fixture above the front door!)


We began painting the baseboard molding and window trim in every room of the house around this time too.


As you can tell, the living room was the landing zone for tools, paint cans, wood, ladders, and just about everything else required for the renovation.

Once the patchwork and sanding was complete, we started the fun part — PAINTING!

We wanted to pick one color for the entire house (except for the office) to create seamless transitions between each room and ended up deciding on light gray to complement all of our dark furniture.


Here are just a few of our many, many paint trials.

Next Step: Primer


My grandparents were a HUGE help to us during this stage of reno! They were over every single day for a week straight to help us prime, paint, sweep… whatever we needed them to do, they did it! We couldn’t thank them enough.



Next step: Gray Paint


It’s amazing what a little (or a lot) or paint can do for a house. It was during this stage that we really started to feel the house transforming into what we wanted it to become.

Next Step: Painting the Doors

I have to give a huge shout out to my best friend Katie for helping me sand, prime, and paint every single door in the house! I couldn’t have done it without her!

Goodbye brown, hello white!



One of the reasons Connor and I first fell in love with the Herbert House was the original hardwood floors. The floors were damaged and stained in many areas so we knew they would have to be refinished. Plus, we wanted the wood to be stained a darker color. Connor hired a contractor for this part of the renovation and to say he did a flawless job would be the biggest understatement.

First, he sanded off the original finish, leaving bare wood floors.


Then it was time to pick out the new stain! We chose the darkest of the three options.


Walking into the house a week later, we were speechless!

The floors were flawless!

img_3234 2


We covered up the floors to protect them from more dust and paint touch-ups while we completed the remaining stages of renovation.

It was finally time put away the construction lamps as my dad and Connor installed all new electrical wiring and can lighting.




Come early October, we were on to my personal favorite…

furniture shopping!!


Kitchen table: CHECK!


Sectional couch: CHECK!


It was finally time to remove the floor covers, assemble the furniture, and get to decorating!!




We spent the next few months finalizing the final details, thing like curtains, picture frames, vent covers, a TV, and front door hardware. After finalizing those details and decor pieces (and also splurging on a few things like a sectional couch, wine fridge, and Magnolia Market home decor), we finally revealed our transformed living room at our housewarming party on April 26th.

Here are the final before and after shots of the Herbert House living room!

img_3542.jpgIMG_0772 3

img_2427IMG_0764 2


img_3308IMG_0769 2

Side note for all Bachelor franchise fans out there:

For 2 years leading up to Connor buying this house, we dreamt of one day saving up for a Home By Sean & Cathrine sectional. I never imagined that we’d be able to buy this couch for our first home, but WE DID IT AND WE COULD NOT LOVE IT MORE! We kissed our productive weekends goodbye and welcomed a future of the most comfy and cozy movie nights.

*insert all of the heart-eyed emojis*

img_4150.jpgIMG_0801 3

img_5991IMG_0811 2

Each of these frames is a coordinate of a city or place that is significant to me and Connor. These three frames are the coordinates to Central Michigan University, Denver CO, and of course, our first home! We’ve made it a tradition to get a new one whenever we take a trip to some place new. The others are scattered in other areas throughout the house.

img_4263.jpgIMG_0768 2IMG_0766







My dad built this paper scroll himself as a Christmas gift to me a few years ago. It’s actually built out of the wood from my old childhood bed, which he also built himself. It’s one of my favorite pieces hanging in our house!

IMG_0792IMG_0778IMG_0780 2

Our giant picture frame is a piece that my dad and I built together two years ago. I came up with the idea for it because (anybody that knows me knows that I absolutely love taking pictures) I wanted a place where I could display more pictures than even a large frame!

IMG_0795 2IMG_0782 2

Thanks for taking another peek inside our little fixer upper on Herbert Street!!


We are so grateful for all of the friends and family that have helped us throughout this transformation journey; we definitely couldn’t have done it without them!

Now it’s time to get out the fall decorations!!


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