Our Daley Dream Home

For as long as we can remember, Connor and I have dreamt of one day building our dream home. We would dream about designing a kitchen to host our entire family for holidays, finding a perfect back yard for our puppy, and having plenty of space for our future family. We had no idea when or where we would begin the building process, but it’s been our ultimate goal for the last 5 years. It wasn’t until quarantine that we started to seriously talk about starting the process sooner rather than later.

When we first started researching builders and properties this past summer, Connor and I hadn’t decided the exact path we wanted to take. We still weren’t sure if we wanted a custom or community build or if we wanted to build in a neighborhood or on a large plot of land. The qualities we knew we were looking for in a builder and forever home included living in the school district I work in, a large backyard, a unique exterior that doesn’t resemble the houses next door, and a customizable kitchen floor plan that allowed us create our dream kitchen!

We started scouting out property in a few different areas in early summer of 2020. We met with several custom home and community home builders, researched permitting processes, and even went as far as getting professional quotes for land excavation and utility preparation. Knowing this would be our forever home and having already completed a full renovation of our first home, we didn’t spend a single second considering something that was less than exactly what we wanted. Ultimately, we were having a heck of a time finding a builder or property that checked all of the boxes for us.

That was until we walked into a consultation meeting with Lombardo Homes on August 28th…

After a one hour meeting, touring three homes, and walking several properties — our minds were immediately made up! Lombardo showed us everything we were looking for, plus some! On September 1st, 2020, Connor and I put a down payment on our property.

And 10 days later, on September 11th, we signed the purchase agreement to build our forever home! A two-story, four bedroom home on a little more than half an acre of land.

On October 9th, we sold and closed on our first home — The Herbert House — after two years worth of renovations!

The past three months have consisted of moving, design meetings (a dream come true for me), pre-construction meetings, and of course, lots of walks around our future neighborhood with Chandler!

The start of our building process has been nothing short of seamless, which has proven to us over and over that we’ve made the best decision!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout our building process 🙂

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